Mind Exercises For Word Nerds

The friends will not play Scrabble with you. You need to do the Sunday “NYT’s” crossword puzzle in the sales of ink. You look at the Abbreviations Dictionary for enjoyment. Yeah, you are a word nerd.

To exercise the “word part” of the mind of yours increases better writing. Allow me to share several workouts to make the term nerd in you a work out there.

1. Read books about linguistics. Pick up an abridged message of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), which supplies the story of words. One other good read? “Brewers Dictionary of Fable,” and Phrase which supplies the stories behind typical English folklore and fables. Beach that is great reads for word nerds.

2. Do crossword puzzles. A great way to make the vocabulary of yours. If you are an ESL writer who wishes to expand the English vocabulary of yours, crossword puzzles are available in very easy to super hard. Choose the proper level for the English skills of yours and discover what a ewer or even an aa is.

3. Play internet word games. Yeah, it is a time suck, however when you want a rest, there are plenty of word activities online. A particular, Word Battle, is a straight up anagram game played match style. The alternative is simply Words, a smaller variation of the standard Scrabble game played head to head – nerd to nerd.

4. Read books by various other authors about writing. Ray Bradbury’s “Zen and also the Art of Writing” is motivational, and also you have to admit, the fellow might create, therefore I pay attention to what he claims. A lot of prominent authors have discussed the craft of crafting words. Tips and info from effective authors make you a much better writer.

5. Load the RSS reader of yours with posts from writing websites. Technorati.com is the search engines for websites. Perform a hunt for composing blogs, locate the bloggers that appear helpful, click the RSS feed, and the person of yours will announce new articles by writers that are good providing info that is good.